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FormatFactory is one of the most comprehensive converters in the market
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I have to confess that there are some applications that I download and use for a while only to write a review about them. However, this is not the case of FormatFactory, a tool that I have been using for a while and longing to review.
FormatFactory is definitely my favorite converter, and the one I usually take as a model when assessing other software of the same type. Of course I have not used all of its features, so there could be some hidden flaw, but so far, I am completely satisfied with it.
FormatFactory is one of the most comprehensive converters in the market as it is capable of converting such media types as video, audio and image; and not only that, it can convert practically all types of formats. The interface can seem a little complicated at first, but I am sure that after a while you will be using it with no difficulties. A bar on the left groups the different formats into their corresponding media types. Additionally, there is a group of options intended for ROM device operations and another for advanced features, such as video joiner, audio joiner and mux (mixing different video and audio streams).
This application supports batch conversion, which it does very quickly using multi-thread technologies. What is more, it will also let you add different types of media to the conversion list and convert them to different target formats in a single session. In the case of video conversion, it will let you extract segments, embed subtitles, crop the image and preview the results. In a similar way, audio fragments can be extracted, even from video formats. Also, pictures can be edited before conversion. All these features support further target format customization.
FormatFactory is an application I strongly recommend. Although it is free, it includes advertisements; so you had better pay attention when installing it or this tool will add a probably undesirable browser taskbar and change your default search engine. After all, it is a fair price you will have to pay for such an excellent utility.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports practically all types of video, audio and picture formats.
  • It allows batch conversion and setting individual parameters for each file.
  • It allows embedding subtitles.
  • It supports joining video files.
  • It supports cropping videos.
  • It supports extracting video segments.
  • It will let you edit pictures before converting


  • It may seem a little difficult to use at first.
  • It includes addware
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